The Real World: Pumping-up South Florida

Miami Beach is constantly fighting sea level rise with new and improved infrastructure such as massive water pumps that reduce street flooding by discharging access water into Biscayne Bay.

The first video at left displays the battle between the city of Miami Beach and rising seas. 

South Florida's overwhelmed drainage systems are increasingly becoming inundated by sea water that's rising through porous limestone on which much of South Florida stands, making the role of engineering central to combating rising seas.

The second video from the top analyzes Miami's ecology and topography.

To extend the life of water pumping systems and other forms of infrastructure, such as tidal valves, block salt water that's moving up from entering the region's systems.

The third video displays how cities are also enhancing emergency programs to handle daily flooding, storms, and hurricanes.

Federal programs that subsidize flood insurance for homeowners and community businesses are quickly becoming defunded. Accordingly, insurance premiums are likely to rise, some experts suggest, and banks may shift away from current mortgage practices if the region's infrastructure isn't considered to be resilient to environmental change.

The last video contextualizes the relationship between insurance companies and the changes sea level rise will bring. 



The Real World: Pumping-up South Florida