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The Miami Odyssey


Over the past ten years, the average sea level rise has noticeably risen in Miami and Miami Beach areas, resulting in more frequent flooding events. Contrary to popular belief, the effects of sea level rise will not be felt in a catastrophic manner.

We will feel the effects slowly and surely through flooding. The city is currently experiencing flooding that can occur with no rain or storm surges and in some areas occurs during particular high tides. However, within the next decade flooding will occur during normal tides due to the accelerating sea level rise.

Infographics and statistics concentrating on Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, and Virginia Key showcase visual representation of the effects of sea level rise and the accelerated rate that is approaching.

For example, it’s recorded that in 1996 the observed water levels were usually close to the predicted values. At times the water levels were slightly higher or slightly lower because of meteorological influences.  

However, in May 2014, the recorded tides were higher than predicted every time. So the baseline, or mean sea level, has increased overall. Over the past 22 years, the average high tide has increased by 0.22 inches per year. The trends are rapid in shorter and shorter periods.

Graphics from the University of Miami repository as well as e-Miami Condos infographic made with the usage of the Eyes On the Rise application can serve to show the imminent impact of this phenomenon in the infrastructure of the city.

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